Fearless Creativity... until???

I have seen  just about every age create jewelry in my studio. For the most part young girls are quite fearless about creating with their hands.  The youngest work quickly, and as they get older they take their time, with attention to detail.  Then it would appear that when they become teens - a few (Not all!) start to question their creativity.  They are quite hesitant at the beginning... but luckily they are quite pleased with themselves when they are done.
 I truly believe it is so important we give our young girls positive creative experiences that will build their confidence to try other creative projects! It thrills me to be able to be able to provide such an experience!
For those of you across the country I hope you will help share creativity and try one of my home make your own jewelry kits out!  Get some friends together and CREATE & CONNECT at home, your office, cabin or ladies night!

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