Teen - Tween - & IN-BETWEENS!

My Create Connect Jewelry test studio was host to many many birthday parties.  There really are not a lot of birthday party ideas out there for teenage girls!  
I have put together some fantastic make your own jewelry kits for teenagers.  Now you can create at home, just like we did in the only studio of it's kind!
Each kit has the individual supplies for each girl to create a jewelry masterpiece.  The party lasts about 2 hours. 1 1/2 hours to make the jewelry and 30 minutes for it to cure. Everyone wears their jewelry home!
From my studio archive: This group of girls gathered together today to celebrate a 14th B-day, and say goodbye to a friend who is moving tomorrow. (Awwww...)  They were each able to choose a piece of jewelry to complete that best represented THEIR individual style!  
They sang, tapped their toes and created some beautiful pieces of jewelry.  As with all the Birthday celebrations in the studio, I combined extra jewelry clay scraps together to create a piece of jewelry made with the mix,  a little dash of everyone to remember the day by.  I am sure they will never forget it!

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