Create Connectables Interchangeable DIY Jewelry Kits

Create Connectables are our interchangeable DIY jewelry kits with lots of charms and pieces to collect and Create!

We offer several styles, from snap jewelry kits, to magnetic jewelry kits to our exclusive connectables in Sustainable Style!  Surgical stainless steel composed of 60% post recycled steel.

Prices vary by base metals and many of our connectables are interchangeable with other brands, but with our kits you can customize your own!  Popular Snap Kits for all ages in mini and regular, Trendy Coin Jewelry Kits and More!

Sustainable Style Create Connectables - An original invention from Create Connect Jewelry.  Build your collection through interchangeable jewelry pieces. Each piece you design can be interchanged and combined to make necklaces or bracelets!

Every component is steel, the safest and sturdiest jewelry base metal available.  You can even polish small scratches from your steel pieces (not gold or silver plated) to keep them new looking.  

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