Kids DIY Jewelry kits with Clay

From our Award Winning Studio.. to your door.  Our DIY Jewelry Kits with clay help build creative confidence!

Have you ever bought or received a make your own jewelry kit only to have it end up in a tangled mess, or be so difficult that mom or DAD had to actually make the jewelry? These kits DO NOT build creative confidence. Our kits are simple to make without ANY adult help needed. (Except to supervise the baking of the finished piece).  Because the kids do all the work, and the end result looks amazing, this in turn helps build creative confidence!

Lets not forget to mention that most of the kits available at your local craft or department store are put together in China and who knows WHAT is in them.. in fact many get recalled for excessive levels of lead or worse.  All of our kits are put together in USA with products that we know are safe and tested.


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KIDS create custom jewelry with simple techniques. Complete directions included.  Re-fills are also available.  

Now your family can enjoy our AWARD WINNING jewelry making at home.  Be sure to check out our KIDS Birthday Packages!

No matter what you choose.. your jewelry will be one-of-a-kind, like you!  You're Too Special To Look Like Anyone Else!®

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