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Teen & Tween CLAY CHIC UNIQUE Jewelry Kits

Terrific assortment of DIY jewelry kits for Teens and Tweens ages 12 and up. 

Our jewelry is not craft jewelry, but the same jewelry that high end designers use... only YOU'RE the designer.  Our  DESIGNER STYLE DIY JEWELRY is manufactured with ACTI-BOND® which creates a permanent bond when cured (baked) together in your home oven with our CC3 jewelry clay.

Get started creating your own custom jewelry with a Create Connect Jewelry Kit. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!  Professional Results!

Everything your Teen needs will be in your kit  to complete the jewelry.  Create any color combination from over 40 colors.  Use the color chart to help you choose.  

KIDS create custom jewelry with simple techniques.  Curing pouch for you (Adult supervision) to bake the jewelry in your home oven.  Now your family can enjoy our AWARD WINNING jewelry making at home.  Be sure to check out our KIDS Birthday Packages!

No matter what you choose.. your jewelry will be one-of-a-kind, like you!  You're Too Special To Look Like Anyone Else!®