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About Us

"I believe everyone has some creative talent... Those who think they don't only need a positive creative experience that will give them the confidence to say; I CAN...instead of I CAN'T."

The Create Connect Jewelry Story

Pablo Picasso long ago once said - "All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." This remains true today as research shows that the moment children enter school and continue to grow into adults, the creative side of their brains are used less and less. 

Certainly there are a lot of creative women who make jewelry. We see their beautiful pieces at local markets and art shows. Not everyone can torch, solder or cast a piece of jewelry, but I ASSURE you, EVERYONE can make beautiful jewelry that represents their individual style with Create Connect Jewelry.  

Many women simply regard making jewelry as being too difficult and tedious. And then, there is another group of women (and sadly young girls) who feel they do not possess any creativity.  I believe these women and girls need  positive creative experiences that will help build their confidence to take on other creative projects.  

It has been my dream to provide women with a positive creative experience that would allow them to create beautiful jewelry, even when they feel they are not a creative person. Furthermore, I wanted young girls to "get their creative on" at an early age that would help build their confidence to try other new creative projects.

What's more? The ability to offer something unique and apart from the mass produced jewelry styles that are available everywhere in stores and home parties.

The jewelry you wear makes your first statement when meeting someone new. Shouldn't that statement reflect your individual style and be one-of-a-kind like you? "You're Too Special to Look Like Anyone Else.®"

I have developed a wonderful opportunity for women and girl's (men and boys too...) of all ages to get together and inspire each other while creating their own custom jewelry. Transforming unique jewelry pieces without any prior experience into a one-of-a-kind custom jewelry statement. You are not just creating jewelry - you are creating memories with a unique experience like no other.  

My studio was the perfect way to test my jewelry products and techniques.  It was modeled for franchise, and has the formula to be the NEXT HIT IN DIY franchises!

The designer style jewelry pieces are like a blank canvas that you will complete into a wearable masterpiece!  The  jewelry is not craft jewelry - but  high end quality jewelry - and YOU'RE the designer.

Anyone ages 8 and up can create their own custom jewelry.  (New ages 3 and up with our KINDER CLAY.) The methods are quite foolproof and the end jewelry piece has even the most skeptical exclaiming "I can’t believe I made this".

2015-2016 Top 3 KIDS PARTY PLACE Winner & New Business Start-Up

First Studio of it's kind, anywhere in the world.

Test Studio and Franchise Model  - Just 8' of wall space & 800-1000 s.f.


It took several years to invent, perfect and test Create Connect Jewelry. There is nothing else like it, and the proprietary products are not available anywhere else.  

I closed my test studio in Madison when the lease was up late last year due to location and heating and cooling issues.  I hope to re-open at the new Madison Public Market with a creative space for locals and visitors alike!

I have launched Create Connect Jewelry Nite, and hope to franshise my studio as Create Connect Studio in the future.  For now, people are content sipping and painting.. but soon people will run our of wall space for canvas & board paintings....  You can NEVER have TOO much jewelry!

Experience Create Connect Jewelry today!  Co-Founder, Partner - Investor welcome for Create Connect Studio/Create Connect Jewelry Nite. It's Jewelry and SO MUCH MORE!  Contact Amy today via the form below.



"Creativity is contagious. Pass it on."   - Albert Einstein