Bridal Shower Bachelorette Jewelry Making Party!

Host a one-of-a-kind Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party!

Imagine creating custom jewelry to match your Bridesmaids dresses in ANY COLOR


Imagine hosting a ONE-OF-A-KIND Bridal Shower or event! 

  • Just for fun!  Everyone create stunning jewelry in their color, their style for their statement! OR
  • Host a Creative Bridal Luncheon or Bachelorette Party for your Bride-to-Be.
  • Create Custom Jewelry to match your theme.
  • Use our color matching service and we will create jewelry clay to match your theme exactly! OR
  • Create Photo Jewelry Lockets with photos of loved ones who are not present for your day.
  • Photo Lockets for the Bride, and Pocket Coins for the Groom.

Create Connect and Celebrate Program

These events are very much fun!  You book the event space or we come to your home.  In 2018 we hope to have a permanent space you can visit.

We work with the host or bride to choose a small selection of jewelry for the guests to complete in a set price range.  We start off with a free practice piece, and then it is YOUR experience while you create and connect. The jewelry is completed at the event and everyone takes their jewelry masterpiece home!

Option One: Together we work with the jewelry selection.  You can choose to have everyone make all the same jewelry or allow them to choose Jewelry in the same price range (Example: $25-$30).   When you invite your guests via E-vite or E-mail, you will provide the guests with a link to view the selections and purchase one on a special page on this website.(We will have some jewelry on hand at the event should they want to trade.)

Option Two: The hostess, bride/family select the same jewelry piece for everyone, or pieces specific to their style and treat the guests by paying for them.

Both choices are very simple and provide a relaxed stress free event. (All the decisions, choices are made (and paid for!)  All guests will be able to customize their pieces from over 50 colors of Jewelry Clay, or we can match clay to your dresses iif the jewelry is to be worn on the big day.  Either way the jewelry will be as individual as the person who made it!

WHAT YOU NEED: You will need a set of disposable table cloths to match your theme. (Purchase two sets if you want to re-decorate the tables)  We will bring a curing oven and will need a power source to plug it in. We also bring some fun music choice and start off with a free project to practice with. We are here if needed, but it is your experience as everyone CREATES & CONNECTS! (With or without Champagne or Wine)

It takes about 45-60 minutes to make the jewelry. The jewelry then cures for 35 minutes while you open gifts and celebrate.  The jewelry is ready to wear and  I pack up and go home... your event continues or completes then.

Please contact us today to plan your memorable event!