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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions . . .


What is Create Connect Jewelry ?

Create Connect Jewelry is an interactive do-it-yourself jewelry method. We have a huge selection of pieces of jewelry waiting to be completed in your color, your style for your statement. 

You create it with jewelry clay, and  it cures for 30 minutes and you wear it home.

If you are 8, 20, 50 or 100, we can help bring out the jewelry designer in you!  The jewelry you create will be one-of-a-kind - like you!  You're Too Special To Look Like Anyone Else®.  Shouldn't the jewelry you wear be a statement of your individual style?


Do I have to have experience to make my own jewelry? I am not creative!

Absolutely not! The Create Connect Jewelry method is simple and yields the most professional results!  Create Connect Jewelry is for everyone, and particularly people who have never made jewelry before!

We believe everyone has some creative talent, and if you think you don't - you will certainly discover it with Create Connect Jewelry.  We also believe that the professional results will give you confidence to try other creative projects. 

Anyone ages 8 and up can create custom jewelry. With our all new CC3 KIDS jewelry clay ages 4 and up can participate too!  There are no classes, just a brief demonstration.  Chop, mix, roll, all the creating is done directly into the proprietary jewelry pieces.  2 simple techniques get you one your way, and a friendly helpful staff designer will to teach you new techniques on your next visit.


What kind of jewelry can I make?

We have a large variety of jewelry styles to complete.  Something for every age and every budget. 

We have earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, charms, slides, cuff links, key chains, money clips and more. 

We also offer 5 lines of interchangeable jewelry collections.  With our interchangeable line your only need one base, and then you create interchangeable jewelry pieces. We always offer do-it-yourself jewelry in the latest trends and keep our jewelry line updated with the fashion forecasts.


Is it safe?

Yes!  All our products took years of development and are non-toxic.  Children are perfectly safe creating jewelry as we do not use any toxic materials of any kind.


How much does it cost?

Jewelry prices range from about $13 to $70, with lots in between.  

Most jewelry selections in the studio are under $30. We do have some items in our Signature Stainless Steel collection made from 60% post consumer steel & some .925 sterling pieces that are  more expensive.  We only use the best base metals in our jewelry bases including nickle free German Silver.  It looks and wears exactly like .925 sterling without the extra cost.


Can I bring my friends, co-workers, kids?

Of course! Depending on if a location offers open studio  - you just need to stop in!  Reservations and group events vary by location. Because there are no classes, this is YOUR experience with one another!  We are here as little or as much as you need, but you will be creating and connecting with each other in little need of assistance! 


What can kids do at Create Connect Jewelry Studio?

 Kids 8 and up can create custom jewelry for themselves, or a fantastic handmade gift than anyone would truly be proud to wear.  The best gifts are made with your hands! With our new CC3 KIDS clay line, kids ages 4 and up can create and connect also.  Ages 4-5 will require some help from Mom or Dad.  (Not TOO much though, they can do it!)  Kids love th interchangeable jewelry that allows them to work on individual pieces that interchange with a jewelry base.  They also love creating gifts for family... a gift that will be worn!


What can Men or Boys do at Create Connect Jewelry Studio?

Let me tell you... Real Men Make Jewelry!  For their wives, girl fiends, moms, and family.  They also make cufflinks, money clips, gifts for themselves.  Boys love to create with the jewelry clay and create back pack key chains, leather pendant necklace and most importantly hand made gifts!


Do you plan birthday and other parties?

Depending on the location - our Birthday Parties are one-of-a-kind!  In fact our Birthday party is Award winning!  Also, (depending on the location) we offer all kinds of other parties such as Ladies Night Out, (10 or more)  Jewelry Nite with wine,  Bridal, Team Building, fundraisers and more.


How long does it take to make my jewelry and how long do I have to wait to get it

Jewelry created with jewelry clay takes anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour depending on your jewelry selection.  It takes about 1/2 hour to cure your jewelry made from jewelry clay, and 5 minutes to cool.


Can you come to my event or place or place of business

Depending on the location - Create Connect Jewelry can be MOBILE. Contact your local Create Connect Jewelry Creative Station for more information!


When will a Create Connect Studio be available in my home town?

Create Connect Jewelry Studio was modeled for a franchise. Although presently there are not any franchise locations - we are expanding into paint your own pottery, canvas painting and DIY studios. Offering a bit of Create Connect Jewelry in way of a Create Connect Jewelry "Creative Station".   Jewelry selection and activities vary by independent DIY stores.  


How do I add Create Connect Jewelry to my existing business?

If you own and operate a DIY party place, studio, paint your own pottery, glass fusing, canvas painting or craft studio please contact us for more information.  We have a wholesale program along with everything you need to carve a little Create Connect Jewelry CREATIVE STATION at your location.

Where is Create Connect Jewelry Studio and how do I open one?

Our test studio in Madison Wisconsin is closed pending a new more prominent location (with more heat!)  We presently do not have any franchise opportunities as we test a wholesale program with independent DIY stores.   You can search for a location near you under our Creative Station Locator. 

More Questions? Use our online Contact form.

What is Create Connect Jewelry Nite and how can I be involved?

Create Connect Jewelry is completely portable and lends itself well to JEWELRY NITE, much like a Paint Nite - except jewelry is your blank canvas!  Presently we are testing Create Connect Jewelry nite and will have more information soon.  If you are interested in more info on Jewelry Nite - please contact us.