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Girl Scouts Jewelry Badge Workshop


Girl Scouts Jeweler Badge Workshops 

Girls will create 4 custom  interchangeable charm pops for a charm jewelry base (chosen by leaders), and create one sparkly gift.

The workshop begins with a brief demo on simple techniques on how to complete the jewelry with jewelry clay.  We briefly discuss the use of color in jewelry and give the girls a moment to consider colors they like.  The girls will select from 50 colors of jewelry clay to complete their jewelry, working the each charm one at a time.

The girls work independently on their jewelry while they Create & Connect with their troop.

We use jewelry clay, stamps,  gems and more to complete the jewelry projects. While the jewelry cures for 30 minutes, girls can enjoy a snack and discuss the jewelry making process and ideas of creating jewelry with clay.

The workshop is perfect for girls of all ages.  Girl Scout Juniors will complete their Junior Jeweler Badge. Badges are available to purchase at your local Girl Scout HQ.  

To find a Creative Station Location near you, please contact us.  LOCAL MADISON WI AREA CUSTOMERS can Create and Connect at home to earn your jewelry badge, see our Jewelry Kit packages.


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