Jewelry Studio Kits

Experience our award winning, one-of-a-kind, proprietary jewelry making method at home with a Create Connect Jewelry Studio Kit.  

This Holiday Season.. Give the GIFT of Creativity with a DIY Jewelry Kit!


Your kit comes with everything you need to create beautiful jewelry at home.  Simple instructions, no experience needed.  You will need an oven to cure (bake) your jewelry for 30 minutes.  Some paper towel and an adult to supervise the curing.

We offer make your own jewelry kits for Kids and Ladies.  PARENTS! Have you ever bought or had your child receive a DIY jewelry kit only to have it end up in a tangled mess, or be so difficult that mom or DAD did all the work? These kits do not build creative confidence.  Not to mention that most of these kits are manufactured and put together in China with who knows what? Some even get recalled!  Our kits are all put together in the USA with products we know are safe and tested. Our jewelry kits help build creative confidence with a simple jewelry making method that  yields AMAZING results!  Give us a try today!

STUDIO CLAY Kits feature our Studio Clay Color Box of CC3 oven bake jewelry clay, a chopper, chopping mat, jewelry manufactured with Acti-Bond that allows the jewelry and clay to create a permanent bond when it bakes.  Buffing power, sparkles (girls) or precious silver/gold foil for the ladies.  Kids kits come with assorted colors of CC3 Jewelry Clay as do some ladies sets.  Other ladies sets are available with CC3 color choices in your color pallet. See individual kit for details.

POP ART Kits feature cute theme pop-art prints and include over 35 prints, jewelry, baubles and bauble bond.  There is no baking, only air curing of about 2 hours, however the jewelry can be handled in about 30 minutes. Scissors are needed, an optional punch (but that takes the fun out!) and some paper towel.

Create custom jewelry without any class or prior jewelry making experience.  Anyone ages 8 an up can create one-of-a-kind jewelry that reflects their individual style.  

Create and Connect with your friends when you have a girls night at home, or host a ONE-OF-A-KIND birthday party for YOUR one-of-a-kind!  


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