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Our Jewelry

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At Create Connect Jewelry™, our philosophy is to help women and girls create beautiful jewelry that defines their individual style. Jewelry that reflects your personality, dreams and inner beauty. At the same time connecting with family, friends, co-workers and people in the community in the relaxed atmosphere of a DIY store or studio. 

Imagine creating custom jewelry in YOUR style, YOUR color for YOUR statement! Colors from the seasons latest fashion colors, team colors or colors that pull together anything in your wardrobe.

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Create personal one-of-a-kind treasures with jewelry clay, your photos, kids artwork or logos.There are no classes, just a brief demonstration. You have the opportunity to create jewelry yourself, or shop the latest trends and RTW jewelry created by our staff. No matter which you choose, it will be one of a kind - like you! You're too special to look like anyone else.®

We also  offer interchangeable jewelry offering up endless combinations, and because of this the jewelry has that magic ingredient needed for all jewelry phenomena – the opportunity for repeat business through a collectible product.

We offer all our jewelry in a selection of base metals, finishes and sizes for every age and budget. All our DIY jewelry pieces are manufactured with a proprietary formulation that allows the jewelry to cure and bond in one process. All the work is done directly in the jewelry pieces and you wear your jewelry home.

Our jewelry is NOT craft jewelry, but the same high quality jewelry bases that top designers use, only now YOU'RE the designer!

From .925 Sterling Silver pieces, to our Signature line in sustainable style and alloy base jewelry. Most of our jewelry is MADE IN THE USA of imported components and ALL our DIY jewelry is MADE IN THE USA by our studio designers or YOU.

With Create Connectables we offer 5 collections of interchangeable jewelry lines in the latest trends, each with a DIY component you complete.  Stop back anytime you want to update your collection.

You will always find the most up-to-date trends FIRST, at a Create Connect Jewelry™ Creative Station.

Jewelry prices are very reasonable and the quality exceptional with warranty.  Signature line in Sustainable Style (created from 60% post recycled steel) are on the high end.

ALL OF OUR JEWELRY IS MADE IN THE USA by studio designers... OR YOU!