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Photo Re-size

There are many free on-line photo re-sizing programs.  You can try an internet search to find one.  You can also use our template (at the bottom of the page.)  

We offer a photo Re-size service for $3 per photo.   Please fill out the form below and upload your photos.  Your photos will be professionally printed and  included with your photo jewelry kit, or if you are coming to a local JEWELRY NITE, or CREATE CONNECT & CELEBRATE event, we will have your re-sized images for you.

We will make a 3 copies of the same image, the $3 charge is only per image.  Each image is $3. If you want us to crop and separate people from your image into individual images, each one is $3

You can also upload your image directly from your smart phone or tablet when you view this page on your device.


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Below is our photo template for most items in the studio. It should be printed on a 4x6" size paper.