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Create Connect Jewelry Studio - Madison, Wisconsin the first and only studio of its kind... anywhere!


My test studio on Odana Rd. is no longer open for business. When the lease term ended I choose not to renew it for many reasons, at the top of the list the location and heating and cooling issues. Thank you to all who visited from near and far to help me test and perfect my DIY jewelry business!  HOPEFULLY WE WILL HAVE A LOCAL PLACE TO CREATE & CONNECT SOON!  Stay in touch for details!  Meanwhile.....


New web site - visit to register for events, OR JOIN as a Create Connnect Nite Creative coach! No investment or money needed.  For the Kiddos we have Create Connect and Celebrate.


  1. LOCAL: Attend a public event or day camp held around town. (See Schedule)
  2. LOCAL:Host a Private Event or Birthday Party at your home, clubhouse or place you rent and we will bring everything to you. Minimum $250 jewelry purchase is required.
  3. LOCAL: Small gatherings and parties at Amy's Home Studio. Lovely space modeled after the studo.  24 max.  Minimum $160.
  4. NATIONWIDE & LOCAL: Order home kits for your event or party at home.  We can also put together special packages for you!  All proceeds from our DIY Jewelry kits will help secure the future of Create Connect! 


    Questions?  Contact us.