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American Girl Doll Matching Necklaces Birthday Party DIY Jewelry

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Me and My Doll Birthday Party!  Each guest creates charms for a girl sized necklace and a doll size necklace.  Charms can be interchanged between both for more stylin looks! 

Girl's create 4 interchangeable snap charms.  

DIY Birthday Jewelry Kit Contents:  Kits are packages individual in a cute take home box with goodies. Complete Directions are in each kit in simple form, with photos.   Each kit is packaged with the jewelry, 6 trays of CC3 Jewelry Clay Colors. (There will be leftovers.) Clay Chopper tool, buffing power and  crystal sparkles. (Ohhh Sparkles!) Also included is a chopping mat to protect your table, a Jewelry Coloring Book to work on when waiting for others to finish up or take home.  Plus an organza zebra drawstring bag to hold the extra charms. (No goody bags needed!)

Girls will create the charms with the CMRT (Smart) method by chopping-mixing-rolling-twisting their clay mix to create one-of-a-kind color stone like charms. Cure the jewelry in your home oven for 30 minute. This party allows about 45-60 minutes of create time.   



  • An oven to cure the jewelry 
  • Oven-proof pan and aluminum foil
  • An oven thermometer  to make sure oven is heating the same temperature as your digital reading.
  • Wet wipes for in-between hand cleaning
  • Table protection. 
  • If adding the texture and pigment package - head over to the craft store and pick some cute small initial stamps. Girls can add their initial to the jewelry
  • YOUR CAMERA - because you are not going to want to miss this!