DIY Jewelry  Kit - Candance Necklace
DIY Jewelry  Kit - Candance Necklace
DIY Jewelry  Kit - Candance Necklace
DIY Jewelry  Kit - Candance Necklace

DIY Jewelry Kit - Candance Necklace

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Brilliant Geometrical Necklace. Pendant is about 1".  Real .925 Silver plate over nickle free German Silver. Wears and looks like real silver. 20" silver plated chain.

Our proprietary jewelry allows you to create with our CC3™Jewelry Clay and cure your jewelry together in your home oven with our jewelry pouch for just 30 minutes.  The ACTI-BOND™ jewelry base creates a permanent bond with our jewelry clay when cured.

Our kits come with everything you need, and extra jewelry clay - nothing is permanent until you cure it!  Our jewelry only selection is "Just the Jewelry" for you to complete with an optional Studio Clay Color Box.  Our RTW, is the jewelry and we complete it for you!


Choose how to customize your jewelry:

  • JUST THE JEWELRY: Create endless combinations with just the jewelry selection & our Studio Clay Color Box and tool package. Once you have the studio tool and clay color box you can create jewelry in any color and time.  OR
  • DIY JEWELRY KIT: Your kit will come with enough clay to create any of the color combinations on the inspiration page, or do your own thing!  All you need is an oven!.  You get the chopper, buffing powder, chopping pad, complete directions, oven curing pouch and MORE.  OR
  • WE MAKE IT: Have your jewelry completed by our studio artists.  Same price as our jewelry kit - only we make it and we  ship your custom jewelry to you in the color combination you choose. Choose from the color combinations shown, or pick the colors from our 50 shades of jewelry clay. Check out your jewelry selection, then complete the custom order page to instruct us on the colors mix you want. Order on CUSTOM ORDER page.)

No matter what your choose, your jewelry will be one-of-a-kind, LIKE YOU!  You're TOO special to look like anyone else.®